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Portfolio Updates: September 2020

September has been a rather lacklustre month in the stock investing world. There haven’t really been any exciting price movements in the past month.

With the upcoming elections proving to be a Korean drama coming to life, we will no doubt see this uncertainty be reflected in the markets.

Most of the tickers in my portfolio have been flat throughout the month. The most notable event this month was probably Tesla’s battery day. The few days leading up to the event was rife with speculation.

It was eventually followed by a >10% price crash on the day after the event. This taught me the classic textbook example of “buy the rumour, sell the news”.

Transactions for the month

TickerTransaction TypeEntry Price

I’ve finally pulled the trigger and bought into Tesla. Although initially, I thought that the price was too high, the various Youtube video analysis that I watched convinced me that this is a company of the future. I bought it early in the month before the battery day price run-up.

If you’re interested, I highly recommend you to watch videos by The Chicken Genius. He is a Singapore investor who is incredibly bullish on Tesla. His analysis of Tesla’s future dominance really resonated with me.

While Tesla is no stranger to missing their deadlines, I do not doubt that they will eventually deliver their vision. The timeline does not matter to me as I have a long investment horizon for this.

As for ARKK, I’ve written a blog post introducing it recently. I bought into it as I really believed in Ark Invest’s investment thesis.

I’ll be dollar-cost-averaging into this company regularly. This stock ticker will therefore appear very frequently in my upcoming portfolio updates.

What I’m doing next?

I’ll continue to monitor Tesla’s price movement and purchase more should the price drops. With the uncertainty of the upcoming elections, I’m pretty sure such opportunities will come.

In recent days, I’ve also taken more interest in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I don’t think that I’ll be adding any new stock tickers into the list anytime soon.

As mentioned on my Twitter account, I’d also be switching off my RSP for FSMOne. This has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks as past RSP transactions have failed to process.

To substitute the monthly S&P 500 RSPs, I’d be manually purchasing them through my Firstrade brokerage account.

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