August Portfolio Updates

Portfolio Updates: August 2020

It’s been some time since I’ve last done a portfolio update. The last I’ve done one was in May which was nearly 3 months ago! Over the course of the past 3 months, the market has been really volatile, especially the Singapore market. I’ve seen my portfolio value swing back to positive and now back into negative.

This lack of updates can be attributed to the lack of trading activity on my part.

Previous update: May 2020


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In June, I’ve bought into Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust. This was a stock that I have been eyeing ever since last year but did not buy into during the crash. As its main property is in Hong Kong, its stock price is very tightly related to the happenings in Hong Kong. For the past few months, we’ve seen its stock price swing past the $1.00 mark, and back down into the current price of around ~$0.85. The REIT has been aggressively diversifying its property holdings into Japan as well. This will only help it in the long term to reduce its concentration risk.

I intend to hold this REIT for long term and am therefore not very concerned about its short term fluctuations.

In the past month, I’ve also been more interested in US stocks. This is because I am personally more interested in the Fintech space and more interesting companies are located in the US.

I bought into Mastercard in early June at quite an affordable price before it experience an increase in its price with the general market. Square was a much later addition.

I’ve always wanted to buy into Square, but thought it to be too volatile. Over the course of the past few months, even though Square’s price has increased exponentially, so has its business and value proposition. In the post-covid world, people will be more inclined to use non-cash (pun not intended) payments and I can only see Square’s Cash App becoming more relevant in that world.

What I’m doing next

I’ll continue monitoring the US markets and probably only make trades whenever there are good valuations. After all, most of my purchases are still in lower risk passive investments such as IVV (through FSMOne RSP purchases) and Stashaway.

Individual stock picking is investing with my “fun” money and I’m ok with losing them. It just makes me excited looking at individual company’s reports. I also like to buy into stocks of a company that I am personally very interested in and would not mind working for.

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