April Portfolio Updates

Portfolio Updates: April 2020

Every month, I like to do an update and consolidation of my investment portfolio. By doing this, I can have a clear overview of my current allocations and adjust the portfolio accordingly.


TickerTransaction TypeEntry Price

For the month of April, I didn’t make a lot of transactions. This is mainly because of the rise in stock prices amidst this turbulent time. I feel that there is a lot more downside that will be coming in the coming months and am currently increasing my cash positions to take advantage of those opportunities.

I also recognise that the market is unpredictable. Therefore, earlier in the month, when DBS had a small drop in its price, I decided to pick up a small quantity of it. I’m waiting for further dips in its price which I believe to be highly possible given the short term outlook by its recent AGM to pick up more of it.

Current Portfolio

Stock% of portfolio
DBS (D05:SGX)12.1
Capitaland Mall Trust (C38U:SGX)34.3
Capitaland Commercial Trust (C61U:SGX)7.8
Mapletree Commerical Trust (N2IU.SGX)3.6
Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF (CLR:SGX)7.2
Landlease Global ETF (JYEU:SGX)3.5
iShares S&P 500 ETF (IVV:NYSE)12.2
Numbers are rounded up to 1 decimal point

What I’m doing next

As you can see, my allocations are far from ideal. There’s too much weightage on Capitaland Mall which presents a very high risk going forward especially when the malls are all closed and have to pass on government rebates to tenants. This percentage is going to increase even more once Capitaland Mall and Capitaland Commerical merge sometime in June. That will bring their allocation to around 40%. That’s almost half of my portfolio!

Therefore I will not be adding more Capitaland REITs into my portfolio in the foreseeable future so that I can reduce my exposure to this single entity.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be looking out to add more Singapore bank stocks into my portfolio, primarily DBS as they are the biggest bank in Singapore.

Some REITs that I’m looking to snap up once their price gets lower would be Mapletree Logistics Trust (M44U.SGX), Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust (BUOU.SI) and Mapletree Industrial Trust (ME8U.SI). I have confidence in the logistics industry as I believe even after the pandemic, e-commerce will continue to be on the rise and these tickers will definitely ride along the wave. As for ME8U, in recent years it’s been snapping up more data centres into its portfolio. It’s also an industry that I believe would highly benefit from the post-covid world.

Perhaps I should do a more in-depth analysis of those REITs so that I can share my thought process in choosing them.

That’s all for April! What a crazy time we live in. With the rapid drop in stock prices in March and an equally sharp increase in April. I believe the next few months will be truly exciting for investors. Great opportunities come amidst crises, so take advantage of them!

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