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Hi everybody who kindly stumbled onto my blog, I’ve decided to start a new blog to document my personal finance journey! I’ve had this idea for some time and has been procrastinating. Now that everyone is forced to stay at home, I suddenly found myself with a bit more time and decided to bite the bullet and paid for a domain name.

A little brief profile about myself. I am 25 this year going 26 and graduated from school about a year ago. I come from sunny Singapore where all male citizens have to serve 2 years of national service (in case you’re wondering why I graduated so late). I got very interested in the topic of personal finance and investments when I got a brief opportunity to work overseas in my school days. Those moments of feeling poor with the crazy high cost of living forced me to find good deals and manage my financials more prudently.

My purpose in writing this blog is multifold. First and foremost is to keep me accountable for my financial goals. I want to be financially independent by 40 and I hope that this blog can help me get there. I also believe that by penning down my thoughts, I can make better analysis and judgement when it comes to investment decisions.

Lastly, I like to scour the vast internet to squeeze the best deal out of everything. I would hope to share it with everyone who’s on this journey of personal finance with me.

With this blog, I wish to write about anything personal finance related, including investments, bank accounts, credit cards, miles and everything in between.

Hope to see everyone in my next post. Till then!

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