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My 3 months Stashaway portfolio update. How did it perform?

I’ve officially been using Stashaway for about 3 months since my first deposit. How did my portfolio perform in the past 3 months? Let’s find out!

How did I get started with StashAway

Back in June, I was doing some projection of my taxes for the following year and was shocked to find out the amount I’d have to pay next year! I then started the hunt for methods to lower my income taxes.

This led me to discover the SRS scheme. After doing some in-depth research, I found that it actually makes sense to top up into the scheme even if your income bracket is not that high.

As SRS money only returns a paltry 0.05% pa, I then looked into ways to invest the money. This eventually led me to StashAway which is one of the only ways I can use my SRS funds to invest in a global portfolio.

Therefore, I’m currently using StashAway purely for my SRS investments.

If you’re looking for more information on investing with StashAway, you can check out my recent review of it here!

How did it do?

My current strategy is to DCA into the 36% Risk Index fund every 2 weeks. The reason why I chose the highest risk fund is because I have a very long time horizon.

This investment is meant for retirement and I will not be able to withdraw it before 59 anyway. Therefore, I am able to stomach to short term volatilities of the market.

StashAway current portfolio level for my selected risk index level

As you can see from the graph above, my current P/L is at a positive 9.7%. This is a good sign that the portfolio is doing well despite a sharp correction in the market recently.

Asset breakdown

StashAway asset breakdown for the 36% risk index level

As you can see, a majority of the profits came from China-Tech and Precious Metals. They are also the largest percentages of my holdings currently.

I view China-Tech as a risky investment as they are particularly susceptible to the current US-China trade war tensions. However, I think they are also a potential for high growth as China continues its path to becoming the largest economy in the world.


Overall, I’ve very satisfied with the current performance of my StashAway Portfolio. Of course, this is a long term investment and only time will tell if this will work out.

I’ll continue to DCA every bi-weekly into this fund from my SRS account.

StashAway portfolio performance projection for my selected risk index level

If all things go well, I’ll hopefully have S$10 million in my SRS account by the time I’m 55!

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