How to deposit funds into firstrade

How to deposit funds into Firstrade from Singapore

My review of the Firstrade brokerage has been one of my top-performing articles of the year. This is likely due to the fact that it not only offers commission-free trades for Singapore residents, but it also has an amazing UX and UI.

However, one of the most common questions I receive is how to deposit funds into the brokerage. Given that it does not have a local presence, it is not easy for Singapore residents to deposit money into their accounts as compared to local brokerages like Tiger Brokers or FSMOne.

In this article, I’ll be going through the steps of exchanging currency (SGD -> USD) and remitting the money over. I’ll be using DBS as an example.

Transferring money over

To do the fund transfer, we will be using the DBS Remit feature.

Get fund transfer information

First, head over to your Firstrade account to get the transfer details. You can find it under Accounts -> Deposit/Transfer.

Once you’re at the page, click Wire Transfer and then select International.

You should get this information. Please make sure to actually check from your own account instead of relying on the above sending informations as they may be outdated.

DBS Remit – Add new recipient

Next, head over to the DBS iBanking site and login with your credentials.

Once you’re in, head over to the DBS Remit and Overseas Transfer page.

Scroll down to Overseas Recipients and click + New Recipient.

Fill in these information

I’ll repeat again, please check your accounts page for the most updated transfer information to prevent any issues in receiving your money.

Once that’s done, click submit and you’ve successfully added Firstrade as your recipient.

DBS Remit – Sending money over

Head back to the DBS Remit page (Under Account -> DBS Remit and Overseas Transfer).

Select the amount of money you want to send over and click start a new transfer.

You’ll be prompted to finalise your transfer, together with any payment details. Remember to add the For Final Credit To: (your Firstrade account number) in the payment details section! If you don’t do so, your transfer might not go through.

And that’s it!

From my experience, the transfer usually takes a couple of hours (1-2 hours) before reaching your account in Firstrade.

They are honestly a really incredible brokerage platform with the ease of depositing money as their only downside. I hope this step by step guide will be useful for anyone looking to invest with Firstrade.

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9 thoughts on “How to deposit funds into Firstrade from Singapore

    1. Hi Terence,
      DBS’s rates are definitely nothing to ride home about. In my experience, their spread tends to be about 0.5~1% so that’s pretty high.
      But it’s pretty comparable to brokerages like SCB and Saxo.
      Given Firstrade’s lower commissions, it might make sense to actually use this setup!

  1. Depositing money to Firstrade is easy. Getting it out is another can of worms 🥺 You might want to document your experience repatriating withdrawals back to SG. 😉

  2. Hi, great guide! Quick question, is there a way to calculate the total trade cost when placing the order on Firstrade? For example, if a stock costs US$500 each and I want to buy 5 shares, do I just transfer to Firstrade US$2,500 only? Reason being I don’t want to have excess unused monies in my Firstrade account. Kindly advise, thank you!

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