Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser Review – Earn free cryptocurrencies by browsing the web

Did you know that you can earn FREE cryptocurrencies just by browsing the web? This is made possible by a new browser called Brave. Built on Chromium, using this browser will be no different from using Google Chrome. If you’re interested to find out more, read on! In this article, I’ll be introducing Brave browser, followed by my thoughts and review on it.

Introduction of Brave

Another browser?! I’m already using Google Chrome! Why should I try a new browser and especially one that’s involved in the sketchy cryptocurrency world?

These were the question I had in my mind when I first heard about Brave. I chanced upon this while researching into cryptocurrency investing. After using it for several weeks, I can say that I’m a true convert and have enough experience with it to give a good review of the browser.

Privacy first

If you’re already using an Adblocker extension on Chrome, then you’ll be delighted to know that ad-blocking is built directly into Brave.

Review of brave browser in Singapore. Starting a new tab in Brave, you'll be greeted with a beautiful ad that you won't even think is an ad.
You get served these really and beautiful advertisements when you open a new tab.

Brave is built with the intention to be privacy first. As a user of the browser, you will not receive any advertisements and will not be tracked by web trackers. Remember the times when you searched something on Google and ad of it immediately appears on Facebook? That’s those tiny annoying trackers tracking your every move around the internet.

Brave makes sure that you do not get tracked and your privacy is respected. Ever since I’ve started using Brave, I’ve stopped receiving these ads on my social media feeds.

Earn FREE cryptocurrency

You heard it right! You can earn cryptocurrency by simply using the browser to browse the internet.

Earned $1.38 in 2 weeks just by browsing the web!

When you use Brave, you’ll be awarded BAT (Basic Attention Token) whenever an ad is served to you. Wait a minute, didn’t you say that this browser blocks ads? Yes, you’re right! Brave blocks advertisements on the websites by default. However, if you turn on Brave’s Ads, you’ll receive these ads in the form of notifications.

How your Ads will look like

You can choose the frequency of Brave Ads that appear for you. The more frequent the ads, the more BATs you’ll receive. The current maximum advertisements that can be served per hour is 5.

The more ads you see, the more you earn.

Built with Chromium

Brave is built with Chromium which is the same engine used in Google Chrome. This means that both browsers should essentially have the same browsing experience!

Because of this fact, I could import and use all my existing Chrome extensions on Brave Browser as well. This made the switch for me especially easy.

All my existing Chrome extensions

The interface of Brave also looks almost identical to Google Chrome. For the most part, you wouldn’t even recognise a difference!

Concerns on using Brave Browser

Am I harming content creators?

As we all know, many content creators earn money through ad placements on their content. If we disable Ads, aren’t we harming these hardworking creators?

By default, tokens earned by audiences are automatically redistributed to creators. This ensures that creators can earn money even if Ads are blocked by their audiences.

To further help content creators, Brave has a feature where audiences can donate their tokens to their favourite content creators. For people who want to support their favourite content creators, they can choose to tip them either on a one-off or recurring basis.

MyDollarSecrets is also a Brave Verified Creator!

If you’re looking to purchase some BATs to tip your favourite creators, you can look to using They are one of the cheapest ways to buy into cryptocurrencies for residents of Singapore.

Can I trust Brave?

Contrary to the name, you do not have to be brave to use Brave. (Sorry I had to do it). Brave is founded by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla project (Firefox) and creator of Javascript.

It is also an open-sourced project. If you’re concerned and am tech-savvy, the source code of the browser is easily accessible online.

It’s always good to be careful when using the internet. Especially when the browser is the main gateway to it. I believe that as a legitimate US-registered company, Brave is a browser that I can trust and use.


I’m very excited about Brave and the future of the internet. Brave has too many features for me to go through all of them in a single post. As a nerd and a content creator myself (through this blog), I can’t wait to see what other new features will the Brave team introduce.

From a personal finance perspective, Brave is a great way to earn some passive income! If you use the internet regularly, you can look at earning US$3-4 every month. That’s as good as getting a free cup of Starbucks coffee monthly!

I hope that this review of the Brave browser will spark an interest in you on cryptocurrency and alternative income. I’ll be putting up more content on cryptocurrency as that’s what I’m currently spending a majority of my spare time on.

If you decide to use Brave, you can download the browser using my referral link here! By signing up with the link, I’d be rewarded with US$7.50. Even though I’m introducing the product in this article, I only write about products that I truly enjoy using.

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