Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m a 25 years old recent graduate living in the tropical island of Singapore. The purpose of me starting this blog is to keep myself accountable for my financial goals. I also like to share tips and tricks to my friends so I thought this might be a good platform for me to do so.

I really like to dabble in personal finance products and therefore I’ll be making a lot of reviews of those so keep a look out for them!

After spending countless of hours reading financial blogs on the internet, I’ve officially been brainwashed to chase the elusive dream of financial independence by a young age. Although I do not foresee myself giving up my job, I hope to be financially independent to make choices without worrying about the financial repercussions.


  1. S$100,000 in total assets by 27.
  2. S$500,000 in total assets by 32.
  3. S$1,000,000 in total assets by 35.
  4. S$2,000,000 in total assets by 40.
  5. S$6,000 in monthly dividends from investments by 40.

These are the financial goals that I believe will allow me to achieve the kind of lifestyle I envision. Not of luxury, but of freedom.